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Two young creative, urbane and intellectual sisters; deliver a fresh perspective to the perennial problem off flat feet, with their highly innovative revolution in flat foot rehabilitation. LogicSock!

The spark for the simple yet brilliant innovation came to Natalia, having undergone traditional methods of flat foot treatment for many years; that could often involve both discomfort and time, particularly after Karate training sessions when remedial massage was required.

With the support of the Medical University of Lodz and the Foundation for Advanced Technologies, she steered LogicSock from inception to research and development and clinical evaluation, too much public acclaim. It will come as no surprise to discover that she currently studies medicine at the prestigious University of Milan, and aspires to become a surgeon.

Natalia sought the advice and counsel of her sister, Anna, a consummate, highly driven and creative PR and social media professional; to help deliver LogicSock to market. Natalia says of Anna “My sister joined me on this journey as she has many skills I simply don’t possess, and understands the problems of flat feet in a very personal way, as her son suffers from them; she was the clear and obvious choice to partner with me”. 

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of the LogicSock project. Their paramount priority has been to create of product of real utility that may help alleviate the discomfort that so many suffer from. All this whilst at the same time taking care to ensure that it is created with carefully sourced high quality materials with the planet very much in mind.

Two sister and the Logicsock story...

Project born in Warsaw

The highest quality merino wool is used in LogicSock; a wool that is prized because of its warmth, breathability, antibacterial qualities, and softness against the skin. It has also been sourced with sustainability in mind, because of our love for the planet.

"....From there the hard work began. In partnership with her sister Anna, LogicSock underwent further research and development together with clinical evaluation following which it was awarded a CE Mark of class 1, enabling it to be sold as a medical product in the EU."