Why Logicsock is an innovative product?

The Logicsock is a uniquely created medical sock that that promotes the subconscious rehabilitation of flat feet and its associated problems.

One of the big advantages is that it minimises the need for conventional time consuming exercises that are traditionally prescribed for flat feet. The application of Logicsock is wide-ranging in that it can be worn at all times whilst indoors, whilst barely noticing it, and the profound effect that it can have in alleviating the problems that flat footedness can cause.

Additionally it is made from merino wool, whose fibre is superior to wool in that if offers better insulation against the cold, as well as absorbing water.

Who should use LogicSock?

The simple answer is anyone who has flat feet, and suffers discomfort because of this condition.


LogicSock can be used by both young and old young as a stand alone treatment, or to complement and traditional therapies and treatments that you might be receiving for flat feet.

The wonderful thing about LogicSock is that it is non invasive and so easy, convenient and comfortable to use. In fact what is remarkable about this new medical product is that you will hardly notice that you are wearing them.

Don’t put up with the misery flat feet can cause, and take the advice of Natalia and Anna who say #Sockitup, and let LogicSock take the strain and do all the hard work for you to help rehabilitate your flat feet !

With Love

Natalia and Anna xx


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