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Natalia Szczepanska

Natalia is an outstanding, tenacious and hugely talented young woman who is now embarking on her second year of undergraduate study in medicine at the University of Milan. Her ambition is to specialise as a surgeon in the highly complex field of orthopedics. For those who know her, this will come as little surprise, as she is driven to succeed in anything that she applies her mind too.

It was her capacity for innovation and original thinking, together with her commanding grasp of the natural sciences that ignited that spark that brought LogicSock into existence. Her “Eureka “moment came at the tender age of 16 when in her own words she says.


“Everything began from walking on a cold stone floor and a wearing a sock with a hole on the underside. While walking on this cold, stone floor I was trying to avoid this cold. It was just unpleasant. To avoid it I needed to raise my toes.”

As a sufferer of flat feet she knew most of the conventional exercises that treated the condition, and it immediately dawned on her that she may have found another way of treating flat feet.


Applying her anatomical knowledge she obtained a pair of socks; made two gaps under the area where the cuboid bones and the cuneiform bone are connected with the metatarsal bones and LogicSock was born!


From there she secured entry at extremely short notice, to the prestigious e(x)plory competition in Gdynia, a science innovation for the 15 to 21 year olds where she excelled. Such was the impact that she made that national TV appearances followed I which she was afforded the opportunity to promote her vision for LogicSock to much acclaim.


From there the hard work began. In partnership with her sister Anna, LogicSock underwent further research and development together with clinical evaluation following which it was awarded a CE Mark of class 1, enabling it to be sold as a medical product in the EU.


Natalia’s talents extend well beyond the ivory towers of academia. She is multi lingual, and is a fluent speaker in Polish, English Italian and German. She actively participates in a wide variety of sport, and excels in Karate, where she is qualified to green belt level and came third in the Polish national championships as a teenager. She likes to travel extensively and explore new cultures in pursuit of her love of life and passion for knowledge.


Anna Borucinska

Anna is a highly intellectual and driven young woman, as evidenced by her enjoying the distinction of having graduated from the University of Warsaw in Information Science; and the University of Southampton Solent in Public Relations and Communications. 

She is a confident, charming, and vivacious individual who approaches her work with a unique and irrepressible sense of elan, whilst exhibiting a calmness and ability to think clearly under pressure at all times. In short, she is a consummate professional.

Since partnering with Natalia on the LogicSock journey she has been an instrumental driving force in taking the project from design concept and prototype, all the way to market.

On this journey she has shown herself to be highly skilled in all aspects of business administration, though her particular milieu has been the spheres of web design, PR and digital media marketing, where her creativity, advanced research, planning and communication skills have been deployed to impressive effect.

Anna is married and blessed with two young children. She could rightly be described as a renaissance woman such is the varied nature of her interests. She is bi lingual and fluent in Polish and English and her interests include; travel, history and culture, comparative religion, animal welfare and health, beauty and fitness.