Frequently asked questions

What are flat feet?

This is a condition where people have very low arches, or no arches at all in one or both their feet, and they press flat against the ground. Having flat feet can cause a number of different problems notably pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles, calf’s, knees, lower legs back and hips. In other cases flat feet can contribute to conditions ranging from achilles tendonitis, arthritis in the feet and ankles, though to shin splints.

What is LogicSock?

It’s simple. LogicSock is a carefully crafted sock that is designed to rehabilitate flat feet. The wonderful thing about LogicSock is that it is non-invasive, easy to use and very comfortable.

How does Logicsock work?

This is the clever part! The sock is made from a special composition of fibres designed to produce heat in the foot when worn. On the underside there is a gap. When walking on a cold floor the exposed part of the skin comes into contact with it. The heat difference causes the muscles to contract which leads to their strengthening. This in turn can help the user strengthen the muscular structure responsible for the arching of the foot.

How do I use LogicSock?

This could not be easier. You wear it as you would a sock. The size is very important to its effectiveness, so you should choose a size that is the same as the socks you usually wear. What you do is place the toes in the socks and gently pull up to the ankle region. You then make sure that the sock is spread evenly throughout the foot, and that any wrinkles are smoothed out. It’s really important to pay close attention the exact position of the heel and the exact position of the gap between the heel and toes. But please note that it is for indoor use only and will not be effective if worn with shoes.

How do I keep my LogicSock clean?

We recommend that they are only worn one day at a time and should be washed in accordance with these instructions. They should be hand washed at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C with a lanolin containing product. It is important to avoid under all circumstances washing with bleaching with chlorine-secreting compounds as this will damage them. Then let your Logic Sock’s dry naturally in unfolded conditions and avoid swirling and ironing them.. Please do not swirl, iron or dry clean them, and please don’t try to remove stains with solvents.

How should I care for my LogicSock?

Your Logic Sock’s should be stored in clean dry places that are away from direct sunlight; that provide protection against moisture, stains, dirt, mould, moths and bacteria.

Are there any limitations on LogicSock use?

Yes. Please never use LogicSock if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions: damaged skin or foot wounds, subcutaneous inflammation of the lower limbs, skin infections of the lower limbs, obliterative peripheral arteriopathy, and allergy’s to the composition of the socks. It should not be used in the blind or visually impaired, as the product may cause deterioration of adhesion to the ground and thus increase the risk of visually impaired and blind people falling down. Persons type 1 and type 2 diabetes and with peripheral polyneuropathy should refrain from its use. It should not be used by persons with motion static disorders Do not use socks if there are any other medical contraindications that you may have and are unsure of. Whilst this is a non-prescription product, these conditions are not exclusive, so if you is any doubt about whether this product should be used please consult your Doctor beforehand.

Where can I buy LogicSock?

On a date to be announced shortly, you will be able to buy LogicSock from Allegra, Amazon and directly from us via this website So, if you suffer from the misery of flat feet, what are you waiting for? Say #sockitup to flat feet and being amongst the first to join Natalia and Anna on their amazing journey.