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Updated: May 25, 2019

Flat Feet correction socks on the patient's feet

And finally, LogicSock has been successfully brought to market.

This remarkable journey is testament to the vision, flair, and sheer tenacity of two remarkable young Polish sisters and now entrepreneurs; Natalia Szczepańska and Anna Borucinska. These two altruistically driven sisters have been unwavering, and united by their vision to alleviate the suffering and misery that can be caused by flat feet, with Natalia's revolutionary new orthotic invention, LogicSock.

As with all entrepreneurial efforts to get a product to market, a torturous and time-consuming path is inevitable, that tests the will power of the most determined. The prototypes of LogicSock first came to public light several years ago when Natalia was 16, when she secured entry at extremely short notice to the prestigious E(x)plory competition hosted in Gdynia, in her native Poland. This is a science innovation competition for the 15 to 21 year olds in which she excelled.

Such was the impact that she made, that she secured high profile media attention including national TV appearances followed in which she was afforded the opportunity to promote her vision for LogicSock to much acclaim.

Child wearing platfus rehabilitation socks at home

At this point she enlisted the support and guidance of her Sister Anna to help her do what was required to bring LogicSock to market. A PR professional within her own right Anna brought a steely resolve and limitless creativity to the project. Together, Natalia and Anna, with their Mom’s support, were able to put the LogicSock through research and development, which culminated in successful clinical evaluation resulting in the award of a CE mark of class I. Following this intellectual property protections were secured.

Two Sisters and their medical start-up LogicSock at the UMED conference

From there suitable manufacturers for the two-stage production process had to be sourced and contracts negotiated and agreed, to produce LogicSock to the very highest specification standards. All this was achieved with alacrity, together with sourcing eco-friendly wool, a key component that ensures the effectiveness of LogicSock; as well as design and packaging.

Since the first full production run of Logicsock, it has immediately received medical endorsement from an eminent orthopaedic surgeon, a paediatrician and physiotherapist, all of whom have agreed to be part of the LogicSock Ambassador Program. This remarkable achievement is a stunning recognition of the effectiveness of this product. Also, the Niwa reflexology clinic in Crans Montana is the first retail clinic to stock LogicSock.

Radio Czwórka Audition - Flat Feet Rehabilitation with Medical Socks LogicSock

Media interest in Natalia, Anna and LogicSock continues, notably with their appearance on Polskie Radio, https://www.polskieradio.pl/10/215/Artykul/2232601 earlier this year .

Such is the growing profile of this remarkable product; that Natalia and Anna will be joining the hugely popular and highly influential Ewa Drzyzga for a pre recording interview at TVN on the 11th May 2019. The programme will be aired later this year.

Natalia and Anna can next be seen at the 15th Warsaw International Medical Congress for Young Scientists that is being hosted by the Medical University of Warsaw.

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