What is LogicSock and how does it work?

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

LogicSock is a sock that promotes the rehabilitation of flat feet. It is an original, brilliant, and highly innovative non-invasive medical device that has been designed for home use on a cool floor.

Following clinical evaluation it has been awarded a CE Mark of class 1.

The sock itself contains merino wool which in itself helps maintain a constant foot temperature. On the underside of the sock there is a carefully calibrated oval gap that allows the skin to come into direct contact with a cool floor.

Whilst walking on a cool floor, the gap on the underside generates a temperature differential between the exposed foot at the place of the opening, and the foot covered by the sock.

This causes the muscles of the foot to be stimulated to contract, by means of an unconditional reflex, which in turn helps the user to strengthen the complex muscular structure responsible for the arching of the foot. With repetition this improves the muscles supporting the arches, which in turn can lead to correcting the defective arrangement of the foot arch.

The wonderful feature of LogicSock is that it is designed for home use; it’s convenient, comfortable and easy to use.

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