The easiest way to check if You have flat feet and fallen arches

Doctor, I feel pain in my feet when running or walking for long time. Do I have flat feet?

Lots of patients ask that question whenever appearing in the orthopaedic clinic. But is there a way to check out if You have "platfus" at home?

In this article We share with You the easiest way to check your flat feet.

Shower time - Look at Your wet footprints

The next time you take a shower, look at your wet footprints on the floor. 

Normal Feet: the forefoot and toes will be joined to the heel by a strip that should appear on the outer edge of your foot. With a normal arch, the strip is about half the width of the forefoot.

Flat Feet / Fallen Arches: If you have pes planus (flat feet), the strip is as wide as the forefoot. The footprint looks like a stretched out dough. It lacks the healthy curves

Patient wearing Rehabilitation Socks for flat feet correction.
Flat Feet Rehabilitation Socks - Wear LogicSock to strenghten Your plantar muscles and elevate Your fallen arches.

What If You have flat feet? How to get rid of your fallen arches?

Check our next article on how to rehabilitate flat feet by clicking here.

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